Our Conservation Goals

As the owners of the Cay, we want to protect it. Our project is focused on protecting the endangered species on the Cay and the surrounding habitat. This is how we are going to achieve this:

Bird Banding

We have consulted with the BNT and other local NGOs to develop a conservation management plan for the island, inclusive of a banding program for the White-crowned pigeon (Patagioenas leucocephala), that is listed as near threatened by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). They are native to the island and we are making it a strong focus to sustain their population. It is supported by scientists at the Bahamas National Trust that this would give accurate numbers on the population in order to help preserve the species.

Planting of Endemic & Removal of Invasive Species

Invasive species have been identified on the Cay, and therefore it is of imperative importance to us that something is done quickly to save the future of the ecosystem. These steps are vital in ensuring the conservation and protection of the Cay. The planting of endemic and removal of invasive species will protect the habit for generations to come and stop the degradation of the local ecosystem.

Protection against Unauthorised Visitors

The Cay has been sadly subject to people littering and damaging the surroundings. Multiple occasions of man-made fire hazards have also occurred which could irreversible damage to the wildlife. We want to employ a full-time warden for the island, in order to protect it from those who would harm the life and habitats of the Cay. This would ensure that this risk is eliminated to the best degree possible.

Protection from Over-Poaching

Finley Cay is frequently subject to unregulated hunts which is taking a toll on the Cay’s ecosystem. The endangered species on the island are sadly excessively hunted down, and we want to protect them from further harm. We wish to work with the hunting community in order to agree on the best way to protect the wildlife for the future.

The Project

100% of the structures approved will directly benefit the Cay. The structures include a conservation center with owners accommodation, Researchers and visitors Housing and the custodian warden house. These structures will facilitate those who will be involved in protecting the Cays beautiful wildlife. Our impact on the Cay will be positive and preserve it’s wonderful and unique ecosystem.

Protecting the Cay

The owner of Finley Cay, Justin Etzin, has entrusted the One Ocean One Future Foundation to take responsibility in ensuring Finley Cay remains fully protected.

OOOf collaborates with influencers from the World of Film, Music, Art & Fashion to raise global awareness to prevent the destruction of our fragile Oceans.

Leading ornithologists will advise on all conservation for the Cay whilst raising environmental awareness among staff, invasive species prevention and control and environmental sustainability improvement.

Finley Cay's Eco-Practice


A quarantine area will be setup similarly to that which exists on Fregate Island to keep rodents out and prevent further infestation.

Hunting Vs Nesting

We will address the overlap with nesting season starting in May and hunting continuing in Eleuthera until November.

White Crowned Pigeons

Our team will be consulted by renowned species experts on how to ensure these birds, native to the Caribbean remain protected any immune from poaching.

We know we can't do it alone

With the extensive knowledge from active conservationists, the support of The Bahamian Prime Minister’s Office and its council, and advice from experts around the world we know that we can provide the enhancement and preservation of Finley Cay in its natural state.

Our ecologically sound habitats will allow us to preserve Finley Cay for centuries to come.